"Lazy recruiters” are damaging the standard of the recruitment profession

Our Summary: HR recruiters are losing business due to insufficient engagement with potential candidates and need to evolve their practices to match the times.  Specifically, recruiters need be educated about both the candidate and the employer ultimately increasing the value they provide to both side.

“Recruiters need to have a relationship with people to give them an idea of company culture because passive candidates can become active candidates at the touch of a button.” -Matthew Jeffery, head of EMEA talent acquisition and global talent brand at technology firm Autodesk.

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WSJ Covers January Employment Dynamics

Our summary: This is a little old, but still quite interesting.  The overall trend is that the market is improving, but job growth is limited.  In January, small business accounted for 95,000 jobs out of 170,000 jobs created in the private sector and small businesses need to have better cash positions to be able to hire.  FairSetup should be able to help such businesses.

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