FairSetup Partners with Center for Effective Organizations at USC

CEO LogoFairSetup is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) from the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California.  CEO will work with FairSetup when requested to collect and analyze performance-related data, to ensure that our technology generates business benefits, and to estimate the ROI of FairSetup.  Read more about the partnership here.

More about CEO is available at http://ceo.usc.edu.

Case: Addressing Long-Cycle Appraisals

image Addressing Long-Cycle Appraisals is a case of a medium size insurance company, which deployed FairSetup to work in tandem with an existing long-cycle appraisal process.

Deployment consisted of three stages – a pilot, followed by gradual adoption across multiple teams, followed by company-wide adoption.

The outcomes included an increases in productivity, culture, and employee engagement.

Read more about it here.

FairSetup continues long term residency at Harvard Innovation Lab (iLab)

Harvard iLab just welcomed its new batch of Summer Residents and we’re happy to announce that FairSetup has been invited back.  The air is buzzing with creativity and innovation – TechStars is running the Startup School, Grace Choi keeps distracting us with high-end cosmetics, EFL and CommonPlace have both secured what looks like small armies of interns, OrganJet barricaded themselves behind a slew of other people’s whiteboards, and we finally downloaded Bon’App‘s App to give it a shot.  And Devon from JamPage seems to have been abducted by Tivli…  and that’s just some of the ventures…  the full list is available here.

The downside of all this activity?  Guarding our whiteboard.  Here is to another 12 weeks of awesome Fairness.

Snap-Shot: What is the FairSetup Suite?

We’ve come up with a new image to explain the components of the FairSetup suite, how they relate to operations, and what benefits differentiate us from everyone else.

The FairSetup Suite has three modules which connect performance evaluations to impact to bonuses to company performance. The benefits include:

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FairSetup Presented at XSITE 2012

We had the honor of presenting FairSetup at XSITE 2012, the annual Xconomy Summit on Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.  We presented alongside a number of other pretty exciting companies. Check out the full list of Xpo presenters here.  Our favorite?  GymPact…  because the app is so evil, yet so awesome…

Our presentation for the event is available here (Powerpoint).

Thanks to @pavelhradecky for taking the picture.

Update: another picture.