Case: Addressing Long-Cycle Appraisals

image Addressing Long-Cycle Appraisals is a case of a medium size insurance company, which deployed FairSetup to work in tandem with an existing long-cycle appraisal process.

Deployment consisted of three stages – a pilot, followed by gradual adoption across multiple teams, followed by company-wide adoption.

The outcomes included an increases in productivity, culture, and employee engagement.

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Forbes: Time to Scrap Performance Appraisals?

3b1cbec1Our Summary: Companies are radically changing their performance appraisal processes moving away from annual long-cycle appraisals towards short-cycle ongoing workflows.  Annual reviews are an artifact of the past – they cause significant problems and the industry is evolving.  Many are hesitant to embrace change, and the article offers some guidance, which is primarily focused on employee/goal-centric view with regular feedback loops.

Our opinion: we agree and consider ourselves to one of the pioneers in short-cycle live-360 appraisal process systems. Continue reading

HBR: How Criticizing in Private Undermines Your Team

userpic-2060-100x100Our Summary: Criticizing employees in private is not healthy for the team.  A better approach is to, respectfully, raise the issue in a team meeting driving, peer accountability.

This relates to FairSetup in a huge way – the very process that we recommend to our clients encourages group feedback.  There are several elements here: Continue reading

HBR Blog: When Your Incentive System Backfires

userpic-841-100x100The author goes to an Asian city and tries to get on the bus.  The bus keeps passing by.  Why?  Because the bus driver’s bonus is connected to being on time, not servicing customers, resulting in a behavior that is opposite to that which would be optimal.  This model is the focus of the article.  Conclusion: be careful about identifying what’s important and how you drive participation. Continue reading

ERE: 50 Top Problems with Performance Appraisal – the Most Dreaded HR Process

imageIt was fascinating for us to read about the Top 50 problems with Performance Appraisals on ERE.  It was even more amusing to identify how FairSetup addresses most of these problems.

The article written by Dr. John Sullivan starts out with a promising quote:

90% of performance appraisal processes are inadequate. – survey

OK, something we already know.  He goes on to say:

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Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)

imageI was recently introduced to the concept of ROWE ( – a concept pioneered at Best Buy by Cali Ressler and Jodi Thompson.  The idea is pretty simple – don’t pay people to for the hours they spend, but for the results they produce.  The site is a bit limited on the details, but they did impress the white house enough to get a pilot going and now it looks like it’s seeing a wider adoption.  The idea of ROWE is not new, but there are a lot of different flavors of how it is deployed and the management process that accompanies it.

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Daniel Pink TED Talk: The Puzzle of Innovation


An amazing talk by Daniel Pink that goes for the very heart and soul of FairSetup: that money is a foundation, not the driver.  This is one of the most important things about what we are doing at FairSetup – our approach is not actually about money.  It is about perception of fair – about removing that question from people’s minds so that hey can concentrate on what is important to them: mastery, autonomy, and purpose.

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