We are an Agile Appraisal System

I guess it was only a question of time before we found out that we are, in fact, an agile appraisal system.  Saw the term used one a blog here.

Why?  Because we offer:

  • Regular feedback
  • Transparency
  • Focus on Outcomes

There are many other reasons why this is so, but these are key.  The reason why everyone hates yearly performance evaluations and yearly appraisals is because yearly reviews are almost completely disconnected from reality and value creation.  Moreover, no matter how good the manager is, it is extremely difficult to maintain perpective keeping track of what was done throughout the year.  For this reason, especially if pay is directly tied to evaluations, the employees end up having completely wrong incentives.

With FairSetup, instead people focus on the outcomes.  Management becomes accountable to reports.  Expectations are set across the board and are adjusted on an ongoing basis. And, most importantly, compensation is transparently connected to impact and performance appraisals – something that has been murky at best in most companies.

So we’ve been told that we are like “live 360 reviews”, that we are SCRUM and Agile with impact calculation.  As for us, we just feel that we came up with something that naturally fits into existing companies to drive partner-like engagement.

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