FairSetup is Sponsored by Pipedrive CRM

We are now sponsored by Pipedrive for our CRM.

We’ve looked at several solutions.  I’ve built a CRM for my last company, but that was a custom-tailored solution that gradually evolved and needed to integrate with other data.  I’ve also used Highrise and Salesforce before.

However, Salesforce gets pricey for a bootstrapping start-up and Highrise was good, but was a bit of a mess when trying to enforce pipeline/tagging conventions.  Before settling on Pipedrive, we’ve played around with Insight.ly, Zoho CRM, and a couple of others.  Insightly was decent, but took a long time and had no reporting, which was frustrating.  That said, they did have a really nice GMail widget.  Zoho was pretty flexible but  strange – some parts were slick, but then all of a sudden they would miss obvious features like an email address that you can BCC, the GMail widget wouldn’t link through to the accounts pages, and the UI is just not thought through to work quickly.

And then I was recommended Pipedrive (hat-tip Alvin).  The interface is intuitive and slick.  The BCC functionality can use some improvement, but what’s there is workable.  There is no API, but I was told it’s in the works.  Probably the biggest selling point is that it is largely intuitive requiring minimal training – we now have 7 people involved, so I really didn’t want something that would require in-depth explanations and Pipedrive was actually quite good from that standpoint.  On top of that, they were very understanding to our situation as a bootstrapping company and had the right attitude in supporting us with a sponsorship.

So, until further noticed, we are using Pipedrive for our CRM.


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