Why FairSetup?

During a recent meeting, I was asked by a potential client: why FairSetup?  In the process of writing the email, I realized that this is actually a very good question and so deserves to be on the site.  So, indeed, why FairSetup?

Because FairSetup is the first truly impact-based model that helps businesses be more profitable by creating a system in which both employees and employers are treating each other fairly while working towards the same goal.


  • Next Step in Evolution: FairSetup is the next evolutionary step in compensation that aligns employees’ and company’s goals by giving employees a sense of ownership over the business.

  • Back-end Complexity: We have invested considerable mathematical accumen and business experience into creation of an impact-based compensation model.
  • Front-end Simplicity: while the math underlying the model is complex, the system we deploy is easy to understand. One doesn’t need to understand the inner workings of a car to understand how it works.
  • Transparency/Scalability: while, theoretically, someone experienced with Excel can implement a calculation system, FairSetup offers a level of transparency and scalability that is impossible with spreadsheets and existing alternative systems.

At the end of the day, we can deploy a FairSetup-based solution quickly, efficiently, and transparently.  Oh, and we are starting the process of patent application.

Towards the end of that email, I realized one very simple truth: at the end of the day, we are (or should be) all in the business of making people happy (both customers and employees) and are rewarded with access to additional resources when we succeed.

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